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Bent laminated swiss pear top for a desk

Swiss Pear Wood for a Curved Top Desk

Custom made grille for the new hot rod pickup

New pickup just back from the paint shop

Quilted Maple for Door Panels

Spalted Curly Maple for Door Panels

Clock of Macassar Ebony, Swiss Pear, and Mother of Pearl

Stone House Addition

Claro Walnut slated for the front of a wall cabinet

Laminated Walnut Bed Rail

Laminated Walnut Bed Rail

mahogany jewellery box
Mahogany and rosewood jewellery box awaiting a tray.

mahogany jewellery box
Laminated curved oval panel of apple for a bed.

mahogany jewellery box
Redwood burl veneer for a piece of wall art.

mahogany jewellery box
Jewellery box of Honduran mahogany with East Indian rosewood stand.

Raw walnut and apple woods
Raw walnut and apple woods await transformation into a walnut bed with apple panels.

John Randall Designs

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